Hi! I pray you are doing well!

So I started this little adventure mostly with my photography (I’m not the best, but hey ho) and then I found my captions getting longer and longer. So here on the vast internet as 2017 is about to begin, I found space to write even longer captions, which you might find interesting (or not).

My philosophy in life is simple. I believe every moment, every second, every experience is finite and so we should take them as lessons to better ourselves should tomorrow come. But why should we keep those lessons to ourselves? After all, we learn best from each other. Humans are like that. This is a space where I will share my thoughts, give advice, share positive news and occasionally some more photography pieces. Maybe, I’ll turn into an agony aunt at some point.

For the more boring side of things, I’m a 20 year old, a university student, a person who loves charity work /activism and I’m a Muslim (I hope I haven’t scared you away, I’m a peaceful one). But most of all, I’m a person… who wanted to share my thoughts on the internet. If you enjoy it, I hope you keep reading. If not, let me know how I could do better. I’m all for improvement.

Instagram: @amomentarypause